Resolution of the XII CSCB Ordinary Congress: The Construction of the Poltical Instument

XI Congreso Nacional, Beni, 1996

The XII CSCB Ordinary Congress ratifies the construction of the Political Instrument by all native peasants (campesinos originarios) and colonizer families that have workes since the Congress in Santa Cruz, convoked by all main organizations CSUTCB, CSCB, CIDOB, FNMCCB "BS" in 1995, ratified in the Second Congress held in Potosi on January 13-15, 1996, during which the Council of Native Power (Consejo Poder Originario ,CPO) was created and later ratidies by the CSCB Organic Congress held in Cochabamba on April 1997.

Our bases have become conscious that we will no longer be a stepped on by the traditional political parties. We are recovering our millenarian history, our identity as the true owner of this land and territory for thousands of years and with our own wisdom and wealth.

In the next municipal and general electios, we will participate but now we will chose and vote for our own genuine representative in the local government and parliamente. Our candidates will be chose in open elections and assemblies, following the example set by our compñeros Cochabamba.

Since that congress, the syndicalist organization have lead in accordance with our traditional uses and customs with our Law AMA SUA, AMA LLULLA Y AMA QHELLA. We have called for the repatriation of the symbols of Kollasyuo like the Wiphala and the Staff of Authority that was given to the United States by the Llunk'u Victor Hugo Cárdenas.

All our brothers are aware of the historic role we must assume in rejecting the traditional parties of left and right.

The compañeros that betray us should be punished and be made example for the rest in accordance with our traditional uses and custom that we practice in our communities, and expel the traitors definitively from the ranks of the syndicalist movement.

We will hold consciousness-raising seminars for the strengthening of our organization and Political Instrument.

We will convoke the Third Political Instrument Congress of National Unityal Tercer within the next 120 days in coordination with the CSUTCB, CIDOB, and COB.

We demand that all guarantees and rights be given to the campesino Parliamentary Deputies Román Loayza, Evo Morales, Félix Sánchez, and Nestor Guzmán, because they represent more than 5 million Aymaras, Quechuas, Guaranies, and other first nations (naciones originarias).

In each local organization, central, and federation, we will create Committees for the Defense of our Land, Territory, and the Coca leaf.

We declare as enemies of the peasants, colonizers, and indigenous people, the bourgouise parties like ADN, MNR, MBL, UCS, MRTKL, and CONDEPA.

The Executive Committee of the CSCB will coordinate action and activities with the peasant-colonizer Congressional Deputies.

We will push for the processing of the juridical personlity of the Poltical Instrument in accordance with the next IP.


Fight tirelessly for the defense of the land, territory, and coca leaf.

We will adopt pressure tactics like blockades of agricultural commodities, hunger strikes, and other measure approved by the assemblies of the various organization.

We respect and enforce the resolution approved by COB like the marches from the communities to the seats of the national government and departmental governments.

Given on June 5, 1998, during the XII CSCB Ordinary Congress in the city of Caranavi.






Eusebio Ticona, President, Fed. Alto Beni Km. 73
Delfín Moreira, Vicepresident, Fed. Dept. Beni
Dennis Cuno, StrY. Acts, Asoc. Chuquisaca
Felipe Mamani, 1st. Rpprt., Fed. Caranavi
Erinsa Cussi, 2d. Rpprt, Fed. Prov. Mujeres Caranavi
Víctor Pinto, 1st. Vocal, Fed. San Julián
Andrés Huanca, 2d. Vocal, Fed. Carrasco Trópical